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Update Old Aaron & Wright Reports

Partner regularly updates old Aaron & Wright Technical Services Reports for clients. If you are in need of an update call 800-419-4923 or email

Aaron & Wright Technical Services, Inc.

Aaron & Wright Technical Services, Inc. provided various environmental and engineering assessments, such as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Property Condition Reports (PCRs) nationally until 2004. Aaron & Wright Technical Services was sold to LandAmerica Assessment Corporation (LAC) August 2004. Subsequently, all of the assets of the former Aaron & Wright Technical Services were purchased out of bankruptcy on March 27, 2009 by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. a national due diligence company.

Please continue the relationship! Partner Engineering and Science's professional staff is qualified and experienced and are able to perform a vast array of environmental and engineering services, ranging from Phase I ESAs to Property Condition Assessments to Subsurface Testing to Litigation Support.